I am on a mission to make sure that everyone feels confident on their mission. 

But sometimes life is not a fairytale.
Some of us dream, hope, and pray for a great love story one day. But for many, it doesn’t happen. Life doesn’t look how we thought it should look and our stories are drastically different from the ones we read about in fairytales. 

That’s when the cycle of questioning begins.
What is my purpose?
Where is my happily ever after?
Why did they get one and I didn’t?

And then there are other kinds of questions – the ones that come from other people. Those seem to sting the most.  
If you’ve ever been asked why you’re not married or konw someone who has faced that question them you probably know how awkward it is. The fact that we are STILL asking that question in 2023 is crazy (and confusing). Isn’t there more to a person than their marital or dating status? When women have to answer for why they’re unmarried, it leaves them questioning their value, place, and purpose in the world.  

Here’s the truth: The Bible teaches that our true worth is not based on our status as married, dating, or single. It’s based on Jesus, who gives us an overflowing measure of worth, abundance and joy.

Which is why I want to help us address the elephant in the room. Our happily ever after isn’t about finding our perfect person. (There is no perfect, anyway.) It’s about finding our purpose. 

When I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling frustrated by the world’s perception of what “happiness” should be, I decided to dig deep into these questions. I wanted to link arms with others and help Christian women live the fullest life possible! I interviewed a ton of unmarried Christian women to help us thread together feeling commonalities, understand where the misconceptions were in the Church, and to be honest – tear down the idol worship of marriage that our culture has set up. Marriage is an awesome gift, but it is a terrible god. I think we’ve made gods out of our relationship statuses’. You have value and worth simply because there is breath in your lungs. You have a purpose for today and every day – and your purpose matters regardless of your relationship status. 

That’s the basis for my new book, Happily Ever After All.

It encourages you to embrace where you’re at right now and to stop falling into the comparison trap that robs you of joy and leaves you feeling unsatisfied.
God’s Word is filled with stories of women and men whose lives each looked drastically different. No two stories are the same. Yet, we continue to draw our own parallels to the lives of our friends and neighbors in this modern day. 

As Christians, we are called to live in freedom, and to do so abundantly.
My story is not yours and your story is not mine, and isn’t that what’s so beautifully wild about it all? We’re not the same. We’re not called to sameness. And that’s why this book exists.

So what does a great story look like? One that’s filled with purpose. 
And friend, that is something that you do have.

In my new book, releasing May 5, you’ll learn a little bit about your purpose in each chapter, and hopefully be encouraged along the way that your story is good, regardless of your marital status. So tell all of your friends, especially your unmarried ones, because girls – this one is for you! And so am I

I can’t wait for you to read it! 

In the meantime, check this out:

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