Hey! I’m Megan. I’m so glad you’re here! I’m an author, speaker, and podcaster currently living at the beach in New Jersey. Originally from a small farming community in Delaware, I seem to have adapted to some typical New Jersey attributes over the years – I’ll never pass up a good cup of coffee or a hot bagel!

I launched my podcast, Wife Me Up, in the fall of 2020, and my first book, Happily Ever After All, releases in May of 2023! Wife Me Up elevates the voices of women who are thriving in their purpose and it shows! It’s been a wild few years, and I’m so grateful for it all.  I love communicating through podcasting, writing, thank you notes, chatting, phone calls, and prayer – but I also love a quiet beach day, reading a book, or simply sitting still on my porch while my sweet little coastal neighborhood bustles about.

Recently, I published a book with a LOT (we’re talking 20+) other youth workers called Youth Ministry in a Season of Disruption. It was so fun to collaborate and write with other people who have the same wild calling as me! Additionally, I’ve written for Youth Worker Journal and Youth Specialties for several years on article and blog teams, navigating the waters of youth ministry alongside some rockstars in the field. I’ve had the privilege of sharing hope with Daughter of Delight on Instagram and have shared several times as a guest on other blogs for Christian women. One of my favorite things to do is encourage women in any season or aspect of life – reminding them that purpose is something we all have!

Megan E. Faulkner: Life on Purpose

Women’s ministry events are some of my favorite places to be, and serving as a retreat speaker at places like Sandy Cove with Well Crafted Retreats, and Grove Hall Retreat and Conference Center for women’s events have brought me so much life!

I’m a huge fan of life at the beach, Haiti, sunshine, my epic community of friends, laughing daily, and of course, my family. If there’s fun to be had and a friend to be made – you can count on my being there!


Latest Release

Megan Faulkner: Happily Ever After All New Release
Happily Ever After All: On-Purpose Living in a Fairytale World
Your happily ever after is now.

Happily Ever After All will help the Christian single woman to: 

  • feel confident in God’s purpose and plan
  • navigate common stumbling blocks of the single life
  • discover where you fit and find a community of support
  • deal with the comparison trap when friends get married and start families
  • remind you of your true value in Christ alone
  • embrace a full and abundant life no matter where you’re at in the journey

Happily Ever After All reimagines what a life of obedience looks like when you learn to surrender to Jesus and love him more.

As you work through the common obstacles that leave you feeling stuck, you’ll uncover the purpose and plan God has for you. 

Join Megan as she talks about her book on her podcast, Wife Me Up.


Official Bio

Megan Faulkner encourages Christian women to find their true value in Christ and to embrace a full, abundant life of freedom. Megan has served full time in the local Church for fifteen years where her enthusiasm for ministry to teenagers and their families, women in various seasons of life, the marginalized, and orphans have collided into a singular passion for seeing people encounter the love of Jesus and leave radically changed. Megan’s blog, Joy in the Journey, depicts ridiculous tales of living a life filled with Jesus and His grace. Wife Me Up, Megan’s podcast, is a place where women who live on purpose and mission have their voices elevated. Aside from reading, studying, and teaching God’s Word, her passions in life include Haitian orphans, sunshine, and coffee—in that exact order.

Megan Faulkner: Official Bio

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Megan Faulkner: Crafting a Mission Statement

Wife Me Up


Megan E. Faulkner: Wife Me Up Podcast

WIFE ME UP is for the single person who wants to feel like they’re a part of the club.  It’s for the married person who has anyone single in their life. It’s for the dating, the engaged, the enraged, and everyone in between.  My hope is that this show will provide a little humor, a lot of fun ideas, and ways that we can all be a little more connected to each other’s stories – to not isolate, or assume, but to engage and ask, to tell stories, to share ideas, and to, as often as possible, create things for others to enjoy!

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