WIFE ME UP is for the single person who wants to feel like they’re a part of the club.  It’s for the married person who has anyone single in their life. It’s for the dating, the engaged, the enraged, and everyone in between.  My hope is that this show will provide a little humor, a lot of fun ideas, and ways that we can all be a little more connected to each other’s stories – to not isolate, or assume, but to engage and ask, to tell stories, to share ideas, and to, as often as possible, create things for others to enjoy! 

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Megan Faulkner: Crafting a Mission Statement


Latest Release

Megan Faulkner: Happily Ever After All New Release
Happily Ever After All: On-Purpose Living in a Fairytale World
Your happily ever after is now.

Happily Ever After All will help the Christian single woman to: 

  • feel confident in God’s purpose and plan
  • navigate common stumbling blocks of the single life
  • discover where you fit and find a community of support
  • deal with the comparison trap when friends get married and start families
  • remind you of your true value in Christ alone
  • embrace a full and abundant life no matter where you’re at in the journey

Happily Ever After All reimagines what a life of obedience looks like when you learn to surrender to Jesus and love him more.

As you work through the common obstacles that leave you feeling stuck, you’ll uncover the purpose and plan God has for you. 

Join Megan as she talks about her book on her podcast, Wife Me Up.