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Along with 15+ years of senior leadership in the Church and full time ministry experience, I love bringing a sense of authenticity, wit, and Biblical Truth to your event. What can we accomplish together to encourage your audience and help them leave changed for the better? 

Megan E. Faulkner: Life on Purpose



Others often ask me to speak on the following topics (and I have to say, these are my favorites!):

Living On Purpose  

Have you ever thought to yourself: why on earth am I here? This is the workshop for you. Megan will lead your small group, Bible Study, student ministry, or women’s ministry through a series of life’s important questions which will launch your guests into dreaming about endless purposeful possibilities! Using her background in Spiritually Gifted Coaching, Megan will help attendees discover and activate their purpose and they will walk away enriched, encouraged, and excited about what’s next for their lives. 

Encountering Jesus 

Transformation is the heart of the Gospel message – it’s all Good News! Encountering Jesus can be a talk, workshop, or retreat weekend tailored specifically to the needs of your guests. Megan will tell stories of our friends in Scripture who encounter Jesus and leave changed – so your attendees will, too! 

Getting UNStuck 

It’s difficult to live on purpose when we’re in the pit. Megan’s UNstuck talk will encourage attendees to pick up their mat and walk! Walking away from this session with four actionable points, everyone will leave changed for the better – and for good! 

Leadership Development 

With 15+ years of ministry team building and leadership development under her belt, Megan’s passion is raising leaders in any generation for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Are you putting together a team for the first time? Consult! Are you interested in helping your team reach new levels you never thought possible? Invite Megan for a workshop! Is your team having a difficult time communicating? Let Megan help you hear what is actually being said! With proven expertise in this specific field, a few hours with Megan will change your team for the better. You will not be disappointed. 

Generational Comparisons (Boomers to Gen Z) 

This is a workplace favorite! With years of hands on expertise and unending research, Megan’s Generational Comparisons workshop will show you the facts! What makes Boomers so different than Gen Z? How come Millennials are so tough to read? Why do certain generations boost sales? How can we reach unreached generations with our specific company’s mission? Megan will help lead the way! Just ask a bunch of real estate agents in Pennsylvania how their business changed after this workshop. (60-90 minutes with Q&A) 

Also available are: 

Retreat Packages

2-3 sessions with your theme in mind! 

Small Group Bible Study Content

6 sessions on Purpose) with an in-person or ZOOM visit for the culmination of your study together. 

I look forward to connecting with you! 



Latest Release

Megan Faulkner: Happily Ever After All New Release
Happily Ever After All: On-Purpose Living in a Fairytale World
Your happily ever after is now.

Happily Ever After All will help the Christian single woman to: 

  • feel confident in God’s purpose and plan
  • navigate common stumbling blocks of the single life
  • discover where you fit and find a community of support
  • deal with the comparison trap when friends get married and start families
  • remind you of your true value in Christ alone
  • embrace a full and abundant life no matter where you’re at in the journey

Happily Ever After All reimagines what a life of obedience looks like when you learn to surrender to Jesus and love him more.

As you work through the common obstacles that leave you feeling stuck, you’ll uncover the purpose and plan God has for you. 

Join Megan as she talks about her book on her podcast, Wife Me Up.


Official Bio

Megan Faulkner encourages Christian women to find their true value in Christ and to embrace a full, abundant life of freedom. Megan has served full time in the local Church for fifteen years where her enthusiasm for ministry to teenagers and their families, women in various seasons of life, the marginalized, and orphans have collided into a singular passion for seeing people encounter the love of Jesus and leave radically changed. Megan’s blog, Joy in the Journey, depicts ridiculous tales of living a life filled with Jesus and His grace. Wife Me Up, Megan’s podcast, is a place where women who live on purpose and mission have their voices elevated. Aside from reading, studying, and teaching God’s Word, her passions in life include Haitian orphans, sunshine, and coffee—in that exact order.

Megan Faulkner: Official Bio

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Megan Faulkner: Crafting a Mission Statement

Wife Me Up


Megan E. Faulkner: Wife Me Up Podcast

WIFE ME UP is for the single person who wants to feel like they’re a part of the club.  It’s for the married person who has anyone single in their life. It’s for the dating, the engaged, the enraged, and everyone in between.  My hope is that this show will provide a little humor, a lot of fun ideas, and ways that we can all be a little more connected to each other’s stories – to not isolate, or assume, but to engage and ask, to tell stories, to share ideas, and to, as often as possible, create things for others to enjoy!

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