I’m Megan and I’m so glad you’re here. What can we figure out together today? If you’re searching for purpose, need a little hope, or want to laugh—you’re in the right spot. Let’s connect!

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Hi, I’m


Welcome! I’m honored to create meaningful and fun writing, speaking, and podcast episodes for you that will hopefully encourage you to walk in the fullness of who God created you to be! I want you to know that you have purpose – and if you don’t know what that is quite yet – stick around for awhile. My prayer is that you will soon! 



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Megan Faulkner: Crafting a Mission Statement


Latest Release

Megan Faulkner: Happily Ever After All New Release
Happily Ever After All: On-Purpose Living in a Fairytale World
Your happily ever after is now.

Happily Ever After All will help the Christian single woman to: 

  • feel confident in God’s purpose and plan
  • navigate common stumbling blocks of the single life
  • discover where you fit and find a community of support
  • deal with the comparison trap when friends get married and start families
  • remind you of your true value in Christ alone
  • embrace a full and abundant life no matter where you’re at in the journey

Happily Ever After All reimagines what a life of obedience looks like when you learn to surrender to Jesus and love him more.

As you work through the common obstacles that leave you feeling stuck, you’ll uncover the purpose and plan God has for you. 

Join Megan as she talks about her book on her podcast, Wife Me Up.

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Megan E Faulkner: Life on Purpose
Happily Ever After All
I am on a mission to make sure that everyone feels confident on their mission. I HATE ADMITTING THIS…But sometimes life is not a fairytale.Some of us dream, hope, and pray for a great love story one day. But for many, it doesn’t happen. Life doesn’t look how we thought it should look and our stories are drastically…
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Megan E Faulkner: Life on Purpose
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We sit in my living room with pages of state health guidelines, poster paper, dry erase boards and markers, sticky notes and pens. Brooke Fraser plays in the background, calendar pages in the foreground, our minds competing at a gymnastics meet – spinning and flipping and twirling and dizzy.    It’s late August.  We have…
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